Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let All Things Now Living

For those not in the Canadian-know, it was Thanksgiving yesterday.  

Henry & I had a wonderful long weekend together, apple picking, making pumpkin pie, going on a long bike ride and eating a Thanksgiving risotto. 

While eating our lunch on the rocks by the water, we each named 3 things we were thankful for.  


1.  Luther
2.  You and my dad
3.  Trips that I get to go on

While my list to Henry was simplified and included him at the top, here is a blog version of my thanksgiving fervour:


For the love that is possible in this world, I am thankful.

For the acceptance and encouragement that friendships give, I am thankful.

For the healing power of nature, I am thankful.

With this abundance in my heart to share, I welcome each new day.


Since there really are so many pictures this week, lets cut right to the chase and review the last week IN PICTURES:

NYC friend moves to hip Queen West.
With the men absent, we laydeez did all the heaving lifting.
and then had some wine and delights.

Selecting a leaf for his daycare art project.

Friday trip to Niagara Falls

If only we had more time...

In the hotel.  Henry:  "What, two beds?"

On the way to IHOP.
So overpriced, hope to never go back.

Henry now knows the way.

Morning crossing of the Rainbow Bridge

It was chilly so Henry wore my vest.
And shortly after this photo was taken, ran away again.

Waiting to be picked up at Twist O' the Mist

Apple-picking:  a hay maze

Finding the right tree

I love apples!


Henry and Peter love apples!

Here, put this in the bag.

The monthly Chowder Sale at the fire hall.
Kids get hats.
Adults buy soup, made by men.  Firemen.

Last rustle in the leaves before we depart.

Late afternoon crossing of Rainbow Bridge
Henry picked out a pumpkin at the apple farm and on Sunday outright refused to let me buy a pumpkin pie at the store and insisted that we make one from scratch.  We compromised, and I bought a tender flake crust.  But, here goes...


Scooping out the seeds and roasting

Pureeing the roasted flesh

Bake in nice shell

devour, with whipped cream

Monday we went for a long bike ride.
Played soccer a lot.
And toilet tag (don't ask)

Someone made these incredible rock sculptures.
Henry insisted that we eat our lunch in the midst

climbing rocks a while

It is a great joy to reflect on this last weekend with Henry.  I am especially thankful for this rambunctious, hilarious and thoughtful boy.  He is truly a priceless treasure.

Coming up in this next week?  Who knows?  stayed tuned...