Monday, September 28, 2015

Scheduling and Breathing

It feels like life happens so fast.  Catching one's breath must be scheduled-in.

I remember as a child considering my grandmother's calendar, and recall how carefully she had penned in her appointments for the next month.  Each one anticipated for days and carefully prepared for.  Out of 30 days, maybe 5 had an activity.  The rest of the days were likely spent watching the birds on the feeder outside, watching M*A*S*H or soaps, preparing food, meticulously executing her toilette (despite infirmity,) etc...

And I wondered, how.does.she.not.get.bored.out.of.her.mind???

But then life can be quite wearing on the body and there likely comes a point where slowing down is embraced, possibly welcomed.


But so long as it is possible to catch my breath, I am grateful for all that is on my plate.  In this last week:

Monday:  made a new recipe for Henry (broccoli, white beans & rice) he loved it, surprisingly!

Tuesday:  parents watched Henry's karate class and read him bed-time stories.  My friend Sarah arrived later in the evening for a 4 day visit.

Wednesday:  with Henry at his dad's and Sarah busy, it was lovely to get together with family and eat my mom's cooking, something I haven't done in possibly years?

Thursday:  choir

Friday:  Henry's back for the weekend


Now in pictures:

The boy is loving checkers.

Fake sad face to ruin the photo of his back-to-school outfit.

Learning tips from Grandpa Dan

Vicki at funky airBnB family dinner.
new desk at work - refreshing

Henry needed for his friends to have magic powers.
So they got the scarf treatment.
It worked.

Saturday Beach picnic...

...and bike ride

WoofFest at Woodbine park!!
Henry saw all sorts of dogs, most of whom were having a blast!

The birthday cookies were a hit,
so Henry asked that we make some more.
(These clearly did not receive
the same amount of care and attention.)

Sunday after church, we headed Harbourfront to check out
 the Word on the Street Festival.
Henry was captivated by the youth spoken-word slam.

Spoken word event

Checking out the book stalls

Taking in the sights of Harbourfront


Only way to get a picture of us---he just can't notice what's happening

And the real Chirp!

This next week should be much more low-key.  Cleaning, catching up, exercising, cooking, seeing friends etc...

Life is busy, but very good.

à bientôt

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Henry!

Henry is embarking on his journey as a five-year-old.

Five years.

Such a short time in the context of one's life, but a long enough time for much change.

Henry has changed from an infant in a baby bjorn to a white/orange belted, thoughtful and imaginative boy.  

In five more years...he will be ten.  Ten!

This last year in particular has been a difficult one for Henry, emotionally.  Having to switch between his mom and dad's apartments every 2-3 days can be confusing and exhausting.  Unanswered questions.  Longings.  

The good news for Henry is that he has two doting parents, lots of friends and family, a whole community around him and an internal chutzpah that keeps him looking outward and adventurous,  

I couldn't love my little boy more.  

And so, his fifth birthday in pictures:

It started out with Henry and I taking a day off from school and work respectively.  In the morning Henry saw the decorations around the apartment and then found the presents in his room.

One present before breakfast, the rest after.

The biggest present was selected first.
A Power Rangers super action figure!

Surprise! Sweet cereal for the special day.
He tried it, and then asked for yogurt & granola.
Can't complain about that.
After breakfast he opened the rest of the presents
and played right away with the Lego.

Building instructions now online.

After playing with toys and a relaxing morning, Grandpa Dan and Grandma Lisa came by for a picnic at the beach.

Playing with sports discs.
Making sandcastles.

Then we had rainbow cake!

Playing with Grandma Lisa

 After this, Henry spent the evening with his dad.  The day after his birthday, Saturday, was his official party with all of his friends at the indoor playground Extreme Fun.

Bouncy castle!
Another cake!

In lieu of loot bags.

Happy Birthday Henry!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bridging the Seasons

With Henry in Montreal for the last week of summer holiday, life was fairly quiet.

There were dinner outings, drink outings, first time trying acupuncture, a trip down to Grand Island, bike rides, apartment revamping, cleaning, shopping, etc...

Now school has started, choir has started and Henry's birthday is only a matter of days away.

So photos will be the bridge in this transition:

Making cranes for possible
hallway migration / installation

Luther's diet is going well.
Can't tell in this photo.
Jamie Oliver's lasagna, first attempt
Saturday errands 
Stumbled upon mysterious signs...
which led us to an inflatable penguin.
The library has Sonic comics.
Perfect for passing the time at the diner.
Bike ride, rest stop.
The friends watched us play "soccer."
Cabbagetown Festival
A street party is not complete without roasted corn.
Saw a panto at the Necropolis
Henry took this photo for Mr. Pickles, at Riverdale Farm.
Then called Mr. Pickles on the iPhone to tell him.
He's a growing boy and such a delight.

Stay tuned for 5th birthday post and the start of autumn!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Effort That Counts

The leaves have started to turn the last couple of weeks.  

Autumn approaches.  

Cycling to the beach at 5:30am now requires the front and back lights to be flashing.  And I miss the colours of the sunrise, only because I am now too early.


Luther is curled up on the floor staring at the two last remaining pieces of food in his dish.   He will need them to tide him over 'till morning.  

Luther is on a diet.  He'll get used to it.


Other than the music playing and the fan blowing, the apartment is quiet and still.  Henry is in Montreal for a week, with his dad visiting grandparents.

When he returns it will be the First Day of School.

His new shoes wait for him at my apartment, to be worn perhaps for the Second Day of School.


This last week was fairly normal.  I enjoyed having Henry for the weekend.  On Saturday we rode our bikes down to the Beach and attended his karate end of summer picnic.  Henry received his next belt level and we kicked a soccer ball before enjoying the picnic lunch.

Later in the day we strolled down Queen East to the bakery, grocery store and bookstore.

We played a lot with his stuffed animals, especially allowing each of them to have a turn playing boardgames.

On Sunday it was back to church and then a surprise.  As I knew I wouldn't be able to sell Henry on going if i told what we were going to do, instead we climbed into a taxi after church and climbed out downtown at Buskerfest.  He was a little disappointed at first that the surprise wasn't anything more exciting, but as he saw some performers, he was captivated fairly quickly.

So lets review the week In Pictures:

Elisabeth:  What is this a picture of?
Henry:  A ghost eating a pie.

The dinosaur and robot had it out in the bath.

Non-Henry day
Early morning walk into the city
St. James Park

End of summer karate picnic & grading

White-Orange Belt!

Sunday walk to Kew Gardens.
Henry:  Is that a magic well?
Elisabeth:  Let's find out!  Oh, it's a water fountain, do you think it's magic?
Henry:  No.

A lucky find

Henry very amused by the squirrels digging for acorns.

Buskerfest - stilt walkers

Buskerfest - "thing"

Tornado potato!

Buskerfest -Street performers

Henry won a prize - meet Fire the snake.

New recipe - chicken ratatouille
I won't tell you how much or little Henry ate of it.
It's the effort that counts right?

Craving attention.
Going on a diet.

Autumn's almost here!