Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fair Weather, Friends and Fun

After March's austerity, I've thoroughly enjoyed what April's had to offer.    Meeting up with friends, going to events and having opportunities to be spontaneous.  

More reading, more coffee, more chocolate, more wine.

More fun.

With only 2 more days left until May Day (mayday, mayday, mayday -- actually I just looked up the etymology of the word. It was a blend of English into the French "m'aidez" which means "help me.")

Right, so with only 2 days left in April I am very happy overall with how life continues to build and transition.

I'm not exactly sure what May has in store.  Early on there's a trip to Washington D.C. with Henry, then a family reunion of sorts at the end of the month.  Maybe the month will bring more of the same, or maybe something new.  I enjoy that lack of certainty.  Therein lies the opportunity to explore, create and be inspired by the anticipation.

This last week is best captures IN PICTURES:

Discovery:  Henry likes tuna sandwiches.
Date brownies revisited.

On the way to karate.
Raining, no umbrella, lots of bags.  Still fun.

I loved the way the morning light was hitting the room.
New work selfie.  

Spent Friday night baking for church Daffodil Tea bakesale.
Henry weekend!  Saturday morning in the "space ship"
 teaching Clifford how to navigate through the stars.

Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip banana bread and a lemon loaf.
We got it all together to drop off at church Saturday morning...

...on our bikes.

The boy was a little whiny and stopped to take many breaks.

Made it back just in time for Sally's arrival for lunch.
Connect 4 was a serious undertaking.
Guess who won?

Post-lunch walk to the park was delightful in the spring sunshine.

Swans are nesting in there somewhere.

Saturday night my brother Tim kindly babysat while I traipsed across town
to see my friend Ms. Sarah Hagen play an intimate and deeply moving concert.

Awesome space.  Gracious host.

Post-church painting.

Luther lounging.

A final anecdote to share.  Over lunch I asked Henry...

Elisabeth:  If you could be an astronaut, firefighter or teacher, which would you be?  

Henry:  An astronaut.  No, a teacher, it would be more fun.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

It Comes with Age

There comes a point in a person's life when one ceases to be young.   

For as we age, life becomes more complicated. 

Consequences become more permanent.  

The luxury of testing and failing is removed and the consequences begin to define us at some point.  

Our choices and experiences lodge themselves in our physical being.  Eventually they show up, sometimes in the form of frown lines, laugh lines or a deadening in the eyes.  Hunched posture, uneven gaits or a solid pair of shoulders and firm open handshake.

A person can wear this weathering with pride.  Or bitterness, depending.  

Much like a palm reader could study the lines and crevices in a hand, so too can the face and the eyes be studied and read. 


This last week has been relatively calm and uneventful.  Henry was with me on Wednesday and Thursday, each night having an extra-curricular activity that threw a wrench in meal-planning as well as our one-on-one time spent together.  

Henry has been enjoying his karate class immensely, after the initial fear of the unknown.  On Thursday he boldly raised his hand to answer  "What is the word for the punch we do when we hold our hands close to the face?  Anyone? ... It begins with "h"..." 

Henry raises his hand

Instructor:  Yes, Henry.

Henry:  Hook.

Instructor:  Well done.  Good for you for remembering the right word.

Henry beams.


I'm currently involved in my first church committee, a temporary one set-up to help select a new organist.  So far it has been a good learning experience and I'm glad to be able to use my free time productively.

Speaking of which, this weekend I am without Henry and have done all manner of productive things:  chores, filed my taxes, bought groceries, cooked, sorted through old papers and whatnot and have been listening to records as well as my iPod on shuffle.  I even played the piano "gasp!"  

I am so ready for Henry to come back!!!


And so as life is settling down and I feel grounded, I've noticed that I've aged both physically and mentally.  I'm certainly not the same person that I was a year ago.  Getting through and healing from a crisis must leave a person with thicker skin (and more wrinkles.)  But I enjoy the general feeling of having experiences, even if it does come with age.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Day at a Time

When Henry is with me, I am purposeful.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

When Henry is not with me, my energy disperses.  I wander.  

Keeping these two in balance occupies me.  

This last weekend, I had a delicious two days with the boy.  He had had a stomach bug on the Thursday night, and so I wasn't sure how much activity he would be able to handle. 

In the end, we took things easy, played games in the apartment, did some chores, and did manage to go for a bike ride on both Saturday and Sunday.  


Police horses at the beach!
Had to take picture for Mr. Pickles.

The boy and his bike.

Henry helped to stir in the chocolate chips.

Rest-stop for a snack.

Intrigued by the ducks in the water.

This week, I have Henry for two nights and then he will be with his dad for the weekend.    

So to fill my time, I'll be doing taxes, hosting family and friends, singing at church and doing various chores.

And just taking one day at a time.

Monday, April 6, 2015

"April Showers Bring...

May flowers", or so the saying goes.

And although spring and Easter have arrived and the snow has melted, and shoots are pushing out of the ground and I can drink coffee again...there is still more to look forward to.  As if it weren't enough just to be out of the iron grip of winter, nature has some more gifts in store in the coming weeks and months.  

Can't wait.

As Henry spent the Easter holiday with his dad this year, I had a lot of time to myself over the long weekend.  That and a lot of singing in the choir.

It was strange not to have Henry around for the holiday, and to instead feel the of ache of missing Henry combined with the freedom and relaxation of unstructured time.  It seems utterly selfish as a mother of a young child to have this luxury of time.  Sometimes I wonder if I've become a character in a novel or film that through some misfortune my child has been taken away or has died.  It just doesn't feel right and I doubt I'll ever get used to it.  And then I wonder how that emptiness might actually feel if one of those misfortunes really were to happen.  What I have is actually quite good and workable.  At least, Henry seems to be thriving.

So the week IN PICTURES:

Henry was Fooled.
Thought he really had to eat a bowl of nails.

Inspecting the Easter Basket.

We are Velotiqued!
Can't wait for our future rides.

Springing-up and cleaning-up the apartment.

My Easter celebration avec moi.

For Henry.  Couldn't pass this up.

Making food and missing the lil' guy.

This coming week:  more karate, dinner with a friend, more choir, and a weekend with Henry!

à bientôt