Monday, March 31, 2014

Launching Into Spring

We counted down the days until spring.  "But mummy, it's not warm!  It's still winter"

"Well Henry, we're in Canada.  It takes just a little bit longer for spring to make its way up north."  

As it started to warm up, we took our chances and went down to the Beach.  Never mind the icemelt and mud, Henry was up on the jungle gym, Captain Henry.

Snow Pirate Henry

And then it snowed again. 


So we've been looking forward to the warm weather and all of the new activities it will bring.  In the meantime, nothing like a little baking to keep you warm.

My mother's banana nut loaf recipe.

Random:  here is part of Henry's daycare room:

The drama centre in Senior Preschool

Last weekend I took Henry up to the science centre.  He insisted on taking the 2012 Ride Guide and opened up the map in the bus to have me show him the route.  Repeatedly.  

The future TTC Chairman

Finally got a turn.

What a fly sees.

Nice one Henry!

Ontario Science Centre

Henry's photo of the girl on a scooter.

Bus home was delayed by this exciting accident!
Now the weather has turned as we hit April Fool's day.  Let's hope that nature doesn't play one last cruel joke!  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Week in a New York Minute

Monday:  Normal

Tuesday:  Pancake dinner at church.  Henry just eats sausages.

Wednesday:  Flight to NYC, bought a chocolate bar for the flight that I couldn't eat after I remembered I gave up chocolate for lent.  Hotel is practically in the World Trade Center building site.  Training from 1-5pm at the beautiful 195 Broadway office.  Group dinner, more drinks, and ended just after midnight with more drinks on the 20th floor bar.  Not in good shape in the morning. 

Thursday:  Skyped with Henry and S in the morning, somehow.  Went for a walk in the area, found a good coffee and muffin.  Training from 8:30-5pm.  Went to Roberta's in Brooklyn.  Wall Street to Bushwick.  So refreshing.

Friday:  Skyped with Henry & S in the morning, somehow again.  Training from 8:30- 12:30pm.  Cab to airport.  Sit at bakery/bar until flight boards.  A little piece of heaven.  

Freedom Tower, at 1 WTC 

A Room with a View

Layer upon layer of architecture.  I love the mish-mash.

Don't judge a book by its cover.  It's lovely inside.

Gorgeous 195 Broadway

Counter at La Guardia bakery/bar.

Saturday & Sunday:  Took Henry to the Beach.  Enough snow has now melted to see the rocks in the sand.  Henry had a blast throwing them into the icy water.  We also visited the cheese shop, bakery, library, post office, toy store and chocolate shop.  I love city life.  What can I say?  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birthday, Blocks and Books

Every week in Henry's daycare, they focus on a new letter.  This week should be "T" as last week was full of snakes, suns and scissors.  

So for this blog, it seems I've focused on the Bs. 

On Uncle J's birthday Henry and I enjoyed breaking the mould and did not go home after daycare.  Instead we went to the Danforth to get a birthday present and cupcakes.  Henry got to spend some time with Uncle J and then we went out for dinner at a burger joint.  Henry had a blast!

Stories from Uncle J!
Henry has become increasingly interested in building, so we got out the duplo blocks. 

Union Station

And not only is Henry a builder and a fireman who rescues cats, but he also likes his book collections.  He is especially proud of his Mr. Men collection.  He has them all.  Before bed, he's allowed to have 3 stories read to him.  This evening, he chose 3 Mr. Men books and then had me put them all in order as we went through the different characters on the back cover.  Funny bear.

Proud collection owner

And finally, below is a video of a song that just seems so appropriate for today, this time of year, the world, my mood.  These kids are amazing, so genuine.  Hope you enjoy.