Monday, September 30, 2013

Fading into the New Season

There's a large part of me that wishes to be a homemaker and fine artist.  I wish to simultaneously be researching and writing a new play, baking bread, improving my piano and vocal techniques, decorating cookies (and posting them on Pinterest of course), acting on stage, making family scrapbooks, running a theatre, and making quilts in ever more inventive patterns.  And I wish to grow a small vegetable garden. 


I want to be retried!  I want to skip the whole mid-life thing and go straight to having grandkids and playing bridge and drinking sherry.  

Why do I want to skip to the more peaceful pastures rather than the torrid grinding pace of being a city-dwelling working parent.  Gosh, it's so difficult to connect those dots!

So as the seasons fade from summer into autumn into winter, so should I try to blend and incorporate some of those more peaceful elements into my life.  

Otherwise, it is quite a depressing grind.

To give myself some perspective and share some happy news, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall has been freed after 5 years in an Iranian prison.  He is a fellow Torontonian and lives in the Beach.  He is still in Iran waiting for his papers to get in order before he can come back to Canada.  I had attended an Amnesty International meeting in April 2011 and the need seemed urgent enough to take action then.  It's difficult to conceive that it has been over two years since then and he has been interred all this time.

The round-up since our holiday IN PICTURES:

Celebrating St. John's cemetery's 160th anniversary

Henry's 3rd Birthday presents waiting...

Henry's Manitoulin friend came to stay over the birthday week, pure delightful coincidence.  He made his love some breakfast on his birthday.  They are married and have a baby dog named Clifford.

Construction party!

Watching Diego and Dora with Dada and Amma, and going for a drive in his Diego jeep (thanks neighbours!

Morning commute--lots of construction near the Bay/Adelaide office

Henry's daycare is in Earl Haig Elementary School.  He's just moved up to the Senior room.
Last stop before JK.  Wow!

Haircut time---ooops she took off 2" instead of 1"

Ashbridge's Bay sunset

Aiming to cook up some local harvest!

Playing with an awesome birthday prezzie

Baby Luther is no longer a baby---growing fast!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Manitoulin Island: Three Times Charmed

The summer is ending.  The A/C is off.  It's almost too cold with the windows open.  The end of summer saw a visit from Henry's cousins Emily and Peter.  They got to travel on the ferry together to Toronto Island, where another of my brothers was married.  

The next day we packed up and departed for a week's vacation to Manitoulin Island, our third visit. The first visit was in 2010 when I was in my second trimester.  The second visit was when Henry was about 9 months old.  We missed going last year and around the beginning of August we realized we were about to lose our connection with the island if we didn't quick and book a holiday.  The cottage we had rented in Providence Bay was available for the 1st week of September, on the off-season.   And so away we went.  

Life changing. 

Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world, and located where Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay meet.  It is a wondrous place, accessible by a 2 hour ferry ride, or a swing bridge connecting  the north eastern tip of the island to the mainland.   

So after 4 hours of car-sickness, we had a 2 hour reprieve on the Chi-Cheemaun (translates to "Big Canoe"), and we arrived at our friends' farm for dinner.  

During the week there Henry enjoyed connecting with fresh air, insects, real quiet, real dark, small and big animals, nature hikes, water and fire.  He went on his first motor boat ride, a pony ride, his first horse ride, and many other excursions.  

Our little boy is almost potty-trained now, just working on the solid bit.  I need not have dreaded this stage so much.  He is more than ready for it and was so traumatized by his first 2 accidents, that he has had not had another since, with the exception of some dampness a couple of times.  

On the Chi-Cheemaun

Providence Bay

New park at Providence Bay


Pony ride

Bridal Veil Falls

In a twist of fate, our Manitoulin friends were coming to Toronto just the week after, and we have been able to return some hospitality.

The Autumn Season is going to bring Henry's 3rd birthday (18 Sept), a move up to the Senior Room, the last step before JK (1 Oct), possible business trips, Thanksgiving, Halloween and all the bustle of preparing for cold weather, making soups and hopefully some home improvements.  

If I had my way, I'd find more time to blog about life:  food, travel, books, parenting and social responsibility.  Ha.  I'm robbing myself of an hour of sleep just to write this simple entry.

But, I do have an iphone now, which means social media should be more integrated.  I make no promises, but please stay tuned.