Sunday, August 18, 2013

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June - August: Round-up

I have been feeling too drained to blog lately.  But I think the sun has come out tomorrow.

In May, S got an iphone.  Most pictures are now being taken with that device, rather than our dedicated camera.  As there are timeline gaps in the following photos, here is a brief summary of the summer to date:

8 June:  A trip to the zoo with church was very pleasant indeed.  Henry tolerated the car and did not throw up.

14 June:  S and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by taking a day off and having lunch at a nice restaurant, while Henry was in daycare.

20 June:  I sang at the church Strawberry Social, and channeling the Andrews Sisters and Ethel Merman.

28 June - 7 July:   Weeks holiday in Montreal to visit S's family.  Henry meets his cousin Veronica for the first time since they were babies.  Henry rode on a horse and buggy in Old Montreal and was generally very good in the car, save the 5 hour trip to Montreal where he threw up just about as many times.

13 July:   We pick up Luther our kitten (now 3months old) from the shelter.  Our friends come to stay with us for a few days before moving to Washington D.C.   Bittersweet.

16 July:  See Bjork with a friend down at Ontario Place.  Amazing.

26 July:  Henry's grandparents (Taed and Bubbi) come to visit for the weekend for Veronica's birthday party in Burlington.

30 July:  Quick business trip to Ottawa, stayed in Chateau Laurier for less about 12 hours.

-mish-mash of birthday parties, Jazz festival, Danforth street party, visits with cousins, Henry enjoyed daycare trips to Extreme Fun, bowling, library puppet shows, farmers markets, splashpads, taking his first school bus ride to the Zoo

11 Aug:  I sang in a trio at church, Lift Thine Eyes by Mendelssohn and Adoramus Te by Orlando di Lasso. 

Henry has been potty training at home, off and on for about 2 weeks.  It is going well, not too many accidents yet, and he loves getting stickers.  

There is an upcoming family wedding on Toronto Island on 31st August.  Then we are off to Manitoulin for a week's holiday.

Here are some photos to bridge the gap.

Doors Open TO -  Queen East Beaches Firestation

Some bizarro face painting

Toronto Zoo

Didn't care for the giraffes much.

Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire with cousin Veronica

Cousin Joshua's baptism and the 7 people in attendance who had also worn the same gown. 

Cousins at Grandma's house.

Meet the new addition, Luther.

Too early at Taste of the Danforth

Killing some time at The Only

Finally, the train ride is open!

Choo choo!

Favourite summer pastime, throwing rocks at the Beach

Henry's hot new thing:  puzzles