Friday, December 7, 2012

Lost in the Stars

November has not been documented here.  

It should be enough to say that it was a difficult month.  A brutal month.  But that is what the season calls for.  The leaves fall and the branches are laid bare, the hidden landscape emerges.  A time for reflection and truth. 

And just in time for the season of love and giving.  I am ready for some fun.

But first, I need to share my reaction to a book.

I read Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization:  The Conquest of the Middle East, all 1200 pages, and feel like I never have to read another newspaper again.  

History repeats itself, and right now, we're in the part where we don't see history repeating itself.  

In short, I feel strongly affected by his reports of illegal occupations, torture and the use of chemical and nuclear weapons, especially on the innocent.  

Here is a song, quite out of season, that expresses some of what I feel after reading this book.

WARNING:  there are some disturbing images of war in this video.