Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Push Comes to Shove

Last weekend's grey weather did not stop us from going to the annual Taste of the Danforth, which as far as Henry needed to know was a Street Party.  He loved it.  We went both Saturday and Sunday and saw tons of people, food, music and meat.  He saw a (small) Ferris wheel, carnival games and best of all, a toddler-sized locomotive ride.  Henry could not pass it by and so mummy and Henry rode together on the train.  It was very real for him.  When it came to the end of the ride, Henry was rudely awakened and burst into passionate tears.  Luckily there were a few ice cream trucks around.  

I've been messing around with Garageband and iMovie and threw this together today.  My goal is to refine everything and get a more polished collections of songs/ videos together, maybe for  U Tube, but mostly for fun.  

In other news, Henry was bitten on his face yesterday.  The story, from what I can piece together is that he was in a disagreement with another toddler at daycare, a friend who usually is very good, and because of a disagreement over a toy, he pushed him/her.  Then Henry was bitten in the face.  You know what they say, when push comes to shove...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summing up Summer

I'm starting to think about winter now.  How much Henry will love the snow, sledding, slipping around on ice and throwing snowballs at Daddy.  Not at Mommy, no no no.  

And then I think about making soups and enjoying lots of hot drinks...


It's summer!  It's the best time of year and Toronto is magic.  

Generally we've been rotating Henry between the park, the beach and the museum. 

Below, Henry eats ice cream at city hall while watching the ice cream truck and hot dog vendors at work.  

Then Bob the Builder's friends came over & fixed our flat roof.  Good-bye tax refund + $$$.

Ashbridge's Bay...look at the grass from the really dry spell in mid-July.

Throwing rocks.

Testing out the water--very warm from all the sunshine and no rain.

We should have taken his clothes off before going in the water.  

More ice cream at the original Licks in the Beach, which is soon to be relocated to make way for condo construction.  I remember eating there as a child.

Summer fashion at its most charming.

A visit from Taid and Bubby.

More summer fashion.

Ashbridge's Bay on a perfect holiday Monday morning.

Ever since seeing and hearing a trumpet at church, Henry has been obsessed.  He's watched youtube videos of trumpets, marching bands, Canadian brass, sesame street with Wynton Marsalis, etc...we finally caved in.  

In other news, it is with great sadness that we learned of Tricia-Louise (Gurley) Millard's passing last week at the age of 30.  I never met the wife of Stephen's high-school friend, as they were just married in June in NYC.  It is sudden, tragic, and an unwelcome reminder of the senselessness and unpredictability of life.  Not only a great loss to friends and family, she was a tireless advocate for youth mental health.  

On a happier and opposite note, it is with great joy that we welcome Tallulah Violet Sharp into the world.  

Henry will be turning 2 in a little over a month and our focus is now on this little boy who is both pushing boundaries with authority as well as developing so much with his speech, manners, curiosity and love of getting out and about.  He can walk all the way from the subway to our front door unassisted, and that includes a large staircase at the end of the street.  

So life trucks on.