Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Wanna Go Truck!

"And tomorrow, after your nap, we're going to take the bus and go to the fire station!"

"I Wanngotruck?"

"Yes, we will go inside the station and see a firetruck!"

Eyes brim with gratitude, stands up and does a dance.

And so it came to pass.

It was all so real:  The old station with the clock tower, the clean and friendly garage, the line of fire jackets hanging on the wall, the friendly fireman opening and closing the secret doors on the truck, finding the hose tucked away at the back of the truck, getting to sit inside and look out the windshield, touching the steering wheel.

Henry became a bit unmanageable as he wanted to to everything, see everything, and press everything all at once.  Including the old-time circular buttons on the wall that said "Up" "Down" on them.  He literally lunged out of my arms towards the wall to press them.  We had to restrain him and calm him down on the fireman's couch with pictures of firetrucks.

Finally, he became so overwhelmed he yelled "OUTSIDE!"  And so we said goodbye and walked down to the beach to throw rocks into the water before making our way home.

Thanks Doors Open TO for making a toddler's dreams come come true!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Montreal: A La Toddler

I consider Montreal to be my second home.  When I moved there at 18 to go to university, I immediately felt like I belonged and a sense of kinship to the city.  Luckily, I married a man who grew up there, and so we find ourselves going back for not only for pleasure but to also see family.

With a toddler, Montreal's cafes, bars, shops and cultural scene are rather off-limits.  And so, despite my yearning for creative and sensory stimulation, we spent a week in Montreal pretty much exclusively outdoors in parks, throwing rocks in lakes, running up and down a street chasing cats, hiking up the mountain, or reading books and running around indoors.  

It was delightful to watch Henry take in so many new experiences and to develop his relationship with his grandparents.  

Henry loved the 5 hour train ride and had a great time looking out the window at farms and scrap-yards.  That said, we'll probably take the car the next few times until he's older and doesn't need us to entertain him!

Here's the trip condensed into pictures:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sticks and Stones

Henry is a boy determined to tick all of the boxes.

Truck?  Check.
Bulldozer?  Check.
Streetcar/Train/Bus?  Check.
Wagon?  Check.
Wears Blue?  Check.
Fire truck pyjamas?  Check.

So then, should it have been any surprise that when we took him to Riverdale Farm on Saturday that he got most of his entertainment from putting sticks through a fence and throwing rocks into the pond?  

That said, he did thoroughly enjoy feeding dandelions to the goats. 

After lunch and a nap, we were recharged for a trip to the Beach to meet his Grandpa.  In him, he found a new rowing partner.

We tried to enjoy an early dinner at a diner, but all Henry wanted to do was go up and down a very steep staircase and run away and explore.  But hey, what can you expect from a 19 month old boy who's had a stellar day at the farm and beach?  

This week, we're going to take our first train-ride with Henry.  Can't wait to see his reaction.  Let's hope shock and awe will last for 5 hours!