Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up and More Henry

Cutting back on sugar.  Reading Bitch Magazine (check out Citizen Radio)  Also reading Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization:  The Conquest of the Middle East.  Keeping things light and cheery this unseasonably warm March.  I met my new nephew yesterday.  Not even a month old.  And still smaller than Henry when he was born.  Looking forward to seeing The Vagina Monologues at York U next weekend.  Henry gets his 18th month shots tomorrow.  I love singing at church.  

And now for our feature presentation...

This afternoon and we set-out to our neighbourhood park:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Henry Pictures and Videos

Here's your one stop shopping trip for pictures and videos of Henry from this last weekend:

And here is Henry at the park

We had a great time just chillin' and playin'

Henry was interested in how the camera worked and he actually held the button down all on his own, so technically, this is Henry's 1st photograph.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Year. And a Half.

On Sunday, the 18th March, Henry will be exactly One and a Half years old.  It will also be the anniversary of the daycare calling me to let me know they had a open spot for Henry and that I could take 24 hours to decide.

Well, it's a year later, and I am very happy with the decision made on that day.  

And by Wednesday next week, Henry will graduate and be 100% in the Toddler Room.  This means he leaves his Infant friends for a while, and reconnects with the Toddlers, all of whom have graduated over the last year from the Infant room.  He seems to really connect with girls for some reason...  

His transition was interrupted this last week by him getting Croup (or the beginnings of it) and so he got medicine from the doctor and stayed home for 2 days.  Thankfully his "Amma" was here this week and could help us with the unhappy fellow.

While Henry could not even sit up a year ago, never mind crawl, walk or talk, today he said "I love you" to me in sweet sincere phonetic sounds.  Melted my heart.

He loves Bob the Builder, playing outside with rocks and sticks, looking at buses and airplanes, trains and cats.  And nothing seems to be better than to sit on mummy's lap with a bottle of milk ("moonie") and to either have a book read or a song sung to him.  I love those quiet moments.  

The weather is superb---sunny, a warm 17 degrees C and I'm sure we'll be out and about at the parks and the beaches this weekend.

Pictures & Videos coming soon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oxygen Mask

My head is fuzzy.  My eyes either stay fixed unblinking to the screen, or dart from objects to walls, to paper, to screen.

And yet pinch me.  

It is March 2012.  Spring is here because winter never came.  

Henry is moving into the toddler room and just completed Day 3 of the 10 day transition.

Originally the daycare workers scheduled a 15 day transition because they thought Henry does not respond well to change.  Stephen & I knew that was rubbish, and after the first day visiting the toddler room and he didn't want to leave, they started to come around. 

Today, they all agreed with my observation that he seems happier, more stimulated and more energetic ever since the transition.  This change agrees with him and he is definitely up for taking on new experiences.  Go Henry!

And with this change comes a little relief financially ($300 a month).  There is also a chunky refund from Bell, my bonus and maybe, maybe a tax return to look forward to?  

After having to shell out $1000 unexpectedly for the leaky basement in January, we're looking forward to undoing the belt buckle a notch or two.  But then there's trips to plan for and more house repairs etc...but we march onwards.

Stephen was sick the past couple of weekends, which meant for me:

Friday:  Work/ Henry / Cook 
Saturday:  Henry / Groceries / Cook (stayed up late to watch a movie)
Sunday:  Church / Henry / Groceries / Cook
Monday:  Work / Henry / Cook
Tuesday:  Work / Henry
Wednesday:  Work / Henry
Thursday:  Work / Henry/ Choir
Friday: Work / Henry / Cook

Rinse and repeat.

There was a comment made today at work about the fact that despite the weather being 15 degrees, I still put on my brown snow boots to walk to work (wearing black tights, a black dress and black coat).  These boots are ugly and I look unpolished.  

The comment boiled down to that I should make sure I put on my oxygen mask first, i.e. I'm need to take care of myself first, before taking care of others.

That is a big challenge as a mother/ parent.  And being a working mother with a child in daycare, it is very difficult to relinquish any time that I can spend with Henry.  

And without much in the way of disposable income, or a car, time is very much at a premium.  

I am looking for advice how to take care of myself first, as when I think I'm getting close to finding a balance, the target seems to shift.