Saturday, December 10, 2011

Without a Car

Now that the temperature is more often at or below the freezing point, the absence of a car is growing more acute.

Having to bundle Henry up in his snow pants, coat, hat and gloves every time we go out, especially those daily trips to and from daycare, can become really tiresome. Most parents just throw their bundles of joy in the minivan and do not have to spend 5 minutes on the daycare floor struggling with zips and snaps and sweaters.

In addition, having to make several small trips a week to the grocery store and lugging heavy bags of food in all kinds of weather, all this extra time spent can become wearing.

That said, Henry loves the act of travel. He loves most vehicles and the bigger the better. Henry is a regular rider of public transport, and today's journey to the Christmas Market at the Distillery proved that not having a car in the city certainly has some bright spots.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Passing Time

Time passes. It is both a friend and a foe. Flexible and fixed. The measure is constant, the direction unchanging. Yet the feel of a minute, a day, a year changes.

Henry is growing each day. Only a few more months in the Infant Room at daycare. Soon, gone will be the days of high chairs and diapers (a bit of wishful thinking on my part), and the new joys of potty training and talking and fighting will begin.

Emotions are powerful. Starting out in this world, they are so big we don't know how to manage them. Hence the tantrums, tears, fits of giggles, indiscriminate affection and jaw-dropping wonder that babies and toddlers display. Somehow, they must learn to live with these strong unsolicited reactions. How do we learn to cope with emotions that take over, make us lose control? Setting boundaries will help Henry contain himself. And once contained, he can hopefully redirect these feelings into some kind of constructive expression.

We can become emotional factories, taking raw emotions and converting them into value-added products such as a delicious meal, a drawing, competitive sport, music, writing, fashion...an expression that is shared and interacts with others is one that is productive.

And in other news, at long last here's some Henry videos!