Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Henry's Evening with Daddy

I couldn't resist sharing...sorry Henry.

Also, here's a video of a happy and animated Henry...

Monday, February 21, 2011

2,000 Pieces Later

I blame the puzzle.

This 2,000 piece Ravensberger jigsaw puzzle of Cinque Terre essentially took my humanity.

Or at least, it took up all of my free time for a month. Why did I let it happen?

Instead of reading, showering, eating well, exercising, writing letters, cleaning or more importantly, spending time with my husband, I chose to do a jigsaw puzzle.

And my state of mind deteriorated. This past weekend I felt quite unhappy, unfulfilled and unfocused.

My ability to concentrate, read, write and even have semi-articulate conversation has all but vanished.

And I blame the puzzle. Or is it because being a stay-at-home mom is not jiving with me? I certainly couldn't do it for too long without becoming some kind of addict, be it valium or jigsaw puzzles.

So I will have to make some changes in my habits now that the jigsaw is done.

In other news, last Friday Henry was treated to a private "mommy and me" music session with my friend J. Here's some videos that show the progression of Henry's reaction.

Assessing the situation.

Feeling ok with it.

I guess I'm supposed to jump?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Yesterday, Sally was brave enough to take Henry & I to the Toronto Zoo; his first encounter with exotic animals (not counting his parents).

All in all the trip was a success.

We know that Henry is an experience-junky and almost always enjoys getting out and seeing new things, people and now animals. Winter has been cramping his style a lot!

So we packed up the stroller, the baby bjorn, extra blankets, a cooler of bottles, his diaper bag and then layered him in fleece, 1 hat and 2 hoods, mittens and winter ankle booties.

Henry was very quiet on the way to the zoo, a little too quiet. I glanced back from the front passenger seat and saw that his entire car seat + base had tipped right off the bucket chair and he was travelling at a 90 degree angle. He didn't make a peep about it (a little worrying!)

We pulled over and realized that for bucket seats an extra clip is needed to lock the seat belt otherwise it goes completely slack. So I tucked the belt in the arm rest & all was well.

Safely at the zoo, we assembled the gear, paid our entrance fee and headed through the virtually deserted park to see the rhinoceros. Henry was happy to go in and out of his stroller and when we got to the African pavilion I put him in the bjorn. He seemed to really enjoy the jungle environment and busily looked around.

I'm not sure how many animals he could actually make out, but certain things grabbed his attention. He certainly enjoyed the huge aquarium of brightly coloured fish.

Other animals he ended up spotting and surveying were gorillas, otter, giraffe, wallabies, and some birds. A lot of the animals were not there due to the season of winter or else he probably would also have spotted the elephants. Sally & I were able to spot a regal lion, lounging cheetahs, a bored hyena, a hungry komodo dragon, an ibis, hippos, mole rats, snakes, etc...

The only downside of the day was when we ended up walking a long way around to find a lunch spot as all the cafes were closed! When we were in a long stretch between points on a path through the snowy woods, Henry lost it.

And lost a shoe.

Found the shoe, but where's the sock?

My mitten was now on one of his feet, and then...where's his other shoe and sock?

Henry is crying.

A stranger brings me his sock, so he ended up with 1 sock, 2 shoes and 1 mitten on his foot.

Now he would have been most warm in the stroller but he was not having any of it.

We eventually found a place for lunch and Henry took a nap. When we set out again, Henry was not in a better mood. So we quickly headed for the exit.

Poor baby!

All in all, a fun day out seeing animals that I certainly won't forget!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Word of the Day: Supplication

"SUPPLICATION: an act or instance of supplicating; humble prayer, entreaty, or petition."
This word came to mind a couple of weeks ago while I took a rare moment to stretch my body and do a few sun salutations (a yoga exercise).While stretching I felt my body become more supple. And as it became more supple and released some tension, I felt a distinct feeling of motivation and clarity; a readiness to act in positive and healthy ways; to open and simplify my self and my life. The word supplication came to mind while I was stretching, partly because of the suppleness I was feeling, but also because I've been going to church again and the word is used when praying.
We offer this humble supplication...Please accept our humble supplications...
And so I got to thinking about the relationship between the words supplication and supple. And of course, they both derive from the word supplicate. This first was a way to describe the folding up of the body in order to pray and then took on the meaning "submissive" which in turn bred the word supple. Now that word is used to describe breasts. But I digress.It struck me that yoga offers any person the opportunity to practice moving the body in a prayer-like way. In doing so, it unlocks the feelings or thoughts of supplication. Yoga practice can therefore be integrated into any belief system.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


After a week full of outings and visits with friends, my brother came up with his wife and daughter from Buffalo for a sleep-over on Friday night. Another brother and his partner joined us for dinner and a good time was had by all.

I need to learn how to mix drinks, but that's another story.

On Saturday morning we baby-sat and got a taste of what two children would be like. No thank you! Way to much effort!!! Someone is bound to be ignored at all times unless both parents are always present.

But then, I'm the youngest of four and I turned out ok, right?

For the moment, Henry has settled into starting the day at 5am and taking 2 naps during the day, sometimes only 45 min. each. While waking that early and entertaining a baby is not my ideal start to a day, I met a lady at church today who's 4 month old daughter still wakes every hour and she was on the verge of tears. She has 2 older children who also need her attention, and she is just exhausted.

All this to say is that while children are wonderful, precious and a source of great joy, I feel quite content to stick with the one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Front (Bottom) Teeth

Don't mess with the Messer.

First taste of rice cereal mush.

Mr. Henry has sprouted his two bottom front teeth. He is often in discomfort and is a bit too young to manipulate teething objects very well, but he tries.

We decided that after a week or two 5:30 am, then 5am wakings and this morning at 4:45am, it was time to give him solids. He has taken to eating formula every 2 hours now and drinks half to full bottles. He takes in almost 40 oz in a day! Definitely time for solids.